Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creative Cardboard Constructions

Kamryn, grade 1

I'm imagining what this piece of cardboard could be.  Could it become a tree, a doll, a bus?  Using cardboard, scrap fabric and crayons the students constructed a very simple and unique toy inspired by the work of James Castle.

Kindergarten artwork
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 This project was based on the work of the elusive American artist James Castle (1899-1977). James Castle was unable to hear, write, read or use sign language.   His form of communication was his art.   Through his art we can see into his world as well as our own.   As most visionary artists, Castle used found objects such as packing papers and handmade tools to create books, paintings and paper constructions and drawings. 

artwork by James Castle, source here

Doll by Annabelle, grade K


flickr photostream of Castle's work

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