Friday, September 21, 2012

Torn Paper Collage

Ah, tearing, how liberating it feels to tear a brand new sheet of paper straight down the middle. What a sensation- especially  if you're experiencing it for the first time!  That's what Kinder did this week and what a great experience it was.  How charmed we are indeed to be part of those moments!   

Kinder Student 

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Butterfly, Plus Sign and Sky and Butterfly
Kinder Students

Water and Mountains
Kinder Student

Friday, September 14, 2012

Light, Shadow and Value

Continuing our journey into seeing, I decided to focus on looking at light and shadow. The subtleties of change in light will  take you in if you if you let them.  What  is it about light and shadow that intrigues the artist in us?  It was a mystery and the  kids wanted to find out more.  It was also a perfect opportunity to look at value.  Watercolour lent itself perfectly for this exploration as you can see below.

Some kids painted  in big 'swooshes' while for others  made charts. 
Next week or so we will begin making collages from these color charts.