Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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These were so fun to do and easy to set up.  We used a pack of transparency sheets (the kind teachers would use for the old projector models).  I demonstrated the process of painting on the transparency, placing a paper on top, burnishing with your palm, and pulling the print.  What's cool is they could explore the printmaking process over and over because they could 'build" their print as they went along.   For example, the first step is to paint your main image, pull print.  Next, paint background, pull print.  Then add details, pull print, etc. Matching the transparency and the white paper was a snap so there was great 
comfort in exploring. 

work of Ibrahim Emiko

The inspiration for the project came to me  literally about one hour before class started.  One of my favorite blogs is The Art Room Plant.  Hazel had just published a post on the work of Ibrahim Emiko.
 He works on glass to create what appears to be monoprints.  The site is in Japanese so even if you translate the page, meanings still  get lost in translation.  But as they say, art is a universal language!

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