Thursday, March 21, 2013

Insects- One Subject, Many Media

Insects provide an engaging subject for study and expression.

1st grade artwork, yes, 1st grade!

When we work with one concept but change the medium, we give ourselves the opportunity to deepen our understanding and make new connections.  

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Kindergarten and 1st grade paintings

Kindergarten artwork


3rd grade artwork
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3rd grade artwork

Discovering a way for your hand to interact with your art was the challenge for this lesson.  First we have to think about all the things we do with our hands.  Next, we have to consider size and placement so the drawing and the hand become one.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Now You See It- Now You Don't, Shifting Perspectives

Bunny in Landscape , Sarah, 2nd Grade
stencil used: airplane

Picasso's Head of the Bull was the inspiration for this project.  Picasso didn't build the seat.  He didn't build the handlebars.  What he did do is shift perspectives. He innovated the existing elements as we did here.  Ordinary stencils were looked at in new ways to create wonderful and unexpected artwork. 

2nd grade artwork
From top to bottom:

Sailboat and Lobster  
stencils used: frog, goldfish and dinosaur

Engine and Smoke with Boy
To me, this one seems like it could be part two of  The Scream


I love the engaging juxtaposition of objects and feelings
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