Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exploring Texture in Artwork

Rainbow Race by Jayden 

Altering the surface of the paper to create various textures was an engaging experience.  To play with this idea, we used gesso mixed with paint as our base layer. Paint Scrapers were used to add surface lines.  The back of our brushes or a closed marker was our tool for drawing the image onto the still wet surface.  Watercolors were used the following class period to paint the image.  Leaving the outlines unpainted resulted in more dramatic effects.  To see the process watch the video below.

Textured from Gabriela Elizalde on Vimeo.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mixed Media Printmaking

Long Ago by Kelly
...This piece makes me think of a  calm and cold evening in the desert.

In our elective class, we've been exploring printmaking. These are mixed media glue prints.  Hard pastel sticks, pastel pencils and markers were used  to add layers of interest to the work.  To see the original glue prints and the process click here.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Printmaking With Glue

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In the middle school elective class we've been exploring printmaking, specifically collographs.    The top two
images are pulled prints and the bottom image shows the actual inked plates.  This work is still in progress as we are using hard pastels to work into one selected print.  All of these images are the before, the un-worked print, next week I will post the results of the mixed media prints.

use glue to draw chosen image
let dry 24 hrs.
ink with brayers (we used speedball printing ink)
run through press

Tip: If you apply the glue thickly, it does give you a more substantial effect.  However, I encourage experimenting with the glue.  Drawing thin fluid lines, working the tip of the bottle into a field of glue to create interesting textures, adding sand to the glue or simply rubbing your finger across an area.  It's great to wonder what the effect will be once you pull your print.

Friday, January 11, 2013


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2nd grade monotypes

We had a great experience making monotypes this week.  We actually painted the plate on our tables and
used a q-tip for drawing the image.  We then placed a piece of paper on top, burnished with our palm and pulled the print... voila!
The bottom image shows the process.

Kindergarten Monotypes