Monday, May 20, 2013

Outside Art Hunt, Day 2

Today we took the same Art Hunt list and went outside to find these lovely discoveries. After about 20 minutes we came back inside and placed the items on the matching table.  I had each table labeled according to the Art Hunt, for example, one table was labeled fuzzy, another pattern, another rough,  etc.  We then walked around and shared our finds.
See the previous post for part one.

Just a few of the discoveries found outside...
(clockwise from top left) something with a pattern, something with more than 3 colors, something fuzzy, something with a rough texture
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face, man with hat, pig, flower and sailboat

With my 4th grade class, I did the Art Hunt outside as the 1st day activity, today (the 2nd day) we worked in groups to create an image out of the individual pieces.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Art Hunt

Being able to find wonder in everyday objects is a wonderful trait to hold.  I don't know exactly when it began for me  but one day I found myself  seeing my surroundings differently. Objects, language, light, - everything. Is this something we can teach? Maybe not fully, but I believe the questions we pose or the situations we  provide can be a starting point that could guide kids to being more aware of and appreciating their surroundings   This work was based on that idea.

This is a two part project- we spend one day exploring books to complete the Art Hunt, the second class period we will take the same Art Hunt list, go outside, and fill a bag with our discoveries. One of the best parts of this exploration is that as the kids find what their looking for they naturally have to explain to their partner why it would work for "fuzzy texture, something beautiful", etc.

Art Hunt:

1. something with a fuzzy texture
2. something with a pattern
3. something beautiful
4.. Something that reminds you of something else
5. Something with an oval shape
6. something with a rough texture
7. something with more than 3 colors
8. something that looks like it would be a great sculpture






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