Friday, November 7, 2014

Chalk Pastel Work and This Week in Art....

A couple of the great things about working with chalk pastels is that they can fill a large area so quickly and blending colors is so easy.  The larger the paper the better so kids can really use their entire arm for the strokes and marks.

 A few techniques practiced:

  • laying color down with the side of the pastel
  • letting the color of the paper "break through" with one coat of pastel
  • layering colors for a more opaque look
  • using the tip of the pastel to draw thinner lines
  • using the side of the tip to draw a broader lines
  • adding details at the end (after all the color has been layed down) to leave opaque marks
  • blending colors with fingers or a napkin
  • keeping the side of the hand up while working to help prevent smudging