Friday, March 28, 2014

Abstract Ideas


(First Grade Experience)

The 3 pieces of artwork above were used to discuss how an artist can represent an abstract idea through the use of the art elements (the words on the artwork were covered up during the discussion).

Which artwork could be about Starting-over?  Which artwork could be about Freedom?  Which artwork could be about Sharing?  


 - The one with the feet could be about sharing because it looks like they’re outside enjoying the beautiful day together

- the one with the sun, it looks like a family, one is big, one is medium and one is small, like a baby

-the yellow one is like praying because it looks like they are together praying looking up at the sky

- the one in the middle could be about starting-over because it doesn't have to be an egg, it could be a chicken and when it grows up it’s going to have an egg and it will start all over again, like a cycle

- the blue one is about sharing because she has too many blueberries for her to eat so it looks like she is sharing, it reminds me of Blueberries For Sal

- the one with the egg in the nest could be about starting over because it's new

Prompt- Use the art elements of line, color and shape to create an artwork about Freedom, Starting-Over or Sharing

1st Grade Artwork