Saturday, August 30, 2014

Exploring Big Concepts in Art...Respect

First Grade Artwork

K-5 is exploring the concept of Respect.  
We started with the central idea being:
As artists, we can show who or what we care about through the art we create. 

We first looked at some Winslow Homer pieces and the students came to their own conclusions 
as to what he may of respected or cared about.  Some responses were:

the idea of play
the ocean

We then made a connection to ourselves by having conversations and asking questions:
What do you care about and respect?
How do you show you respect that particular thing?
Can we only respect people?
Can we respect objects, places, ideas?

Each student then created a piece based on respect. 

I respect astronauts because when they go to other planets the come back and help
us learn about them
I respect learning about dinosaurs, I learn  a lot about them

My mom, I use kind words with her and we help each other

My fish,  I feed her everyday

My family

The mountains

I respect a tree

My toys, I follow the directions and put them away in the basket
My family
My friend Adekunle, I treat him nicely
I respect trees, they are alive like humans

I respect my sister because she makes me think I can do anything in the world...