Friday, May 13, 2016

This Week In Art...

Kinder and First Grade- Art Can Help Us Remember Special Moments
2nd and 3rd- Art Can Help Us Remember Special People In Our Lives
4th- Connection to Folk Art and using what we already have on hand to create art 

Experimenting with Watercolor Techniques

What Mars Might Look Like In the Future

These landscape paintings were inspired by photographs from magazines.  The students took the photos and thought about how to abstract the images into simple shapes.  

This student wanted to change the color palette to make everything "wrong", as you can see with purple and blue trees, pink land, etc.  She hadn't even heard of Fauvism until I  explained it to her afterwards!

This student was particularly interested in making the viewer's eye travel to the left...notice how she made all of the lines lean in that direction.  

Working With Clay

 These pieces were made with hand building techniques by middle school students.  The rhino started off as a double pinch pot and then clay was added to create the features.

The dinosaur stared off as a cylinder and clay was removed with a clay tool to shape it as well as added to make the features.  

There were a lot more pieces but the kids took them home before I could take a picture!  We had turtles, birds and owls as well all with double pinch pots.