Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Festive Trees

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I was thinking about how much I love the simplicity and honesty of Folk Art and it gave me the idea for this holiday tree lesson.
 These were made by Kindergarten students.  It's basically printmaking with a cardboard tool and using your fingers for the ornaments.


  1. Show them how to make the basic tree shape by creating a mountain or a triangle shape with the cardboard tool.
  2. Use the same cardboard tool to fill in the tree.  I actually have them say all together "press, lift, press, lift".  Otherwise, they may forget and start using the tool like a brush.  Once we say it a few times they remember.
  3. Next, yes, here it comes...finger painting for the ornaments.


  • Demonstrate using one finger for each color.  Finish one color of ornament, then move on to the next color, etc.
  • Demonstrate leaving plenty of space for the ornaments,  otherwise, they may fill up the tree completely.
  • These are about 8x10 or so and we finished in one 45 minute class period.  

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  1. These are beautiful. Great choice of colours too, what a cool idea :)