Friday, May 4, 2012

The Arts

Did you learn a lot at school today?

 ...If you mean did I invent, visualize, share my ideas, construct, create, write, discover, plan, experiment and imagine what could be, then yes, I learned a lot at school today, in art class.  


  1. Hi Gabriela! Read your comment about uploading photos from Picassa on Shine Brite Blog. That's a really neat and handy shortcut. This may sound like a dumb question, but is there a way to upload a photo to a particular blog post? I noticed when I tried (create and post to blog) that the photos seemed always to open in a brand new post. For instance, sometimes I write first, then add photos....and so was wondering if I could direct them to a particular post.
    Also. I LOVE your blog. I you have such a great aesthetic, so inspiring.

  2. Hi Barbara, First, thanks for your kind words regarding my blog!

    Second, about the photos and blogger upload: i believe there are 2 ways to do this:
    you can have all of your photos ready (whether in a collage format or in your "clips")and choose to upload to blogger under create or highlight them from the "clips" section and they will all open onto a new post that you can at that time title. or:
    if you're like me and and sort of build your post as you go then your right, the new picture will open on a new post. what i do at that time is just title the post something like zz or qq (anything really) and then right click on the picture and choose "copy image". i then close out of that post and it will be saved as a draft. I then open "the good one" that i actually named for example "Cardboard Constructions" and paste my image onto that post. You can right click and resize as needed. I hope this helps! ps- i tried to email you directly but your email info is not available...i hope you get this!

  3. So great! You should make this into a poster:)

  4. Thanks so much, it had been a rough week and I felt compelled to write about how important the activity of art making is in the life of children.
    By the way, congratulations on your blog New City Arts, I'm a big fan and follower!