Friday, April 25, 2014


Day and Night- Light and Dark

In what ways do we experience change?  Do we see change? Can we feel change?    How can an artist show change? These questions were considered for this art experience.  By comparing artwork of day scenes and night scenes, we understand how the element of color comes into play.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My Movie 1 from Gabriela Elizalde on Vimeo.

Kindergarten  looked at paintings by Kandinsky as a starting point for this experience. Kandinsky loved music and it is thought his artwork was greatly influenced by that love.
Questions to consider:
Can a painting look or feel like music? What parts seem louder or stronger?  What colors stand out most?   What would this area sound like if we could hear it?  How did he make the picture look like it's moving?  Do some parts seem to be moving slower, faster?

It's interesting, most kids used the fibers as a thought, movement or sound rather than organizing them into a representational image. They were not told they couldn't do either or,  they were simply prompted to explore the materials.  On another note,  the kids amazed me with the titles they gave their thoughtful.

I'm Going Home by Julisa

Having A Birthday Radio, by Aditya

Untitled,  by Hadi

I Wish I Could Be A Puppy, by Xareenah

Untitled, Mason 

Even Dogs Can Dream, by Abduhl

detail of Going Home

My Falcon, by Christopher

Gesso was poured onto a rectangular sheet of styrofoam. A wooden dowel was used to spread it around (exploring textures) and all of the extra fibers left over from weaving were used to create the design and movement.   Watercolor paint was added the following week along with the option of cutting out an image from a  magazine and gluing to a larger paper.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Kindergarten experimented with the primary colors last week along with reviewing the parts of a brush, cleaning the brush and controlling the brush.  Towards the end of class I suggested they write down what colors were mixed to create the new color.  I think that exercise took it to another level for them.  If they doubled up on a particular color they wrote that letter twice (R+R+Y)...awesome!  Of course not everyone was there yet but were they all successful, YES! ...  each one creating their composition intuitively.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Brilliant- both pieces are incredibly thoughtful.  I love the way the one on the left forces me to look at the overall shape in its entirety, it almost looks like it's flying or floating.  The one on the right helps me appreciate the dedication and patience the artist has.  Both students were completely happy with their pieces... and I love that.  

My Movie from Gabriela Elizalde on Vimeo.