Friday, April 27, 2012

Transforming Ink Blots

Predetermined outcome is a closed door. 
Mitzi Scott

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Artwork by 3rd and 6th grade students

Second and 3rd grade artwork.

The students loved this project.  I got the inspiration from the Field Elementary Art Blog. They added color which really added a wonderful element.  I've seen these before but it was more or less used for a Halloween lesson on spooky trees.  If you go to Teacher Tube, and search, you will find videos of Stefan Bucher, the man behind  The kids loved watching his time lapse videos of his ink blot drawings.  We did this first and then went to the tables to create our own.  I put ink in a spray bottle and sprayed just a tiny bit on each paper.  The kids used straws to blow a couple of times and then pen or marker to continue the image. Super fun!


  1. These are amazing, especially the top one!

  2. These look great! So glad you liked our work!!!!