Friday, April 13, 2012


A peculiar creative silence overtook us.  A big wave could have taken us out.  Later, I noticed her wading into the surf.  She was glowing.  I squeezed out more Aureolin hue (yellowish paint).

Robert Genn

Sarah, 1st Grade Artist
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Jerome, 1st Grade Artist

1st Grade Watercolor Seascapes

These lovely seascapes were painted with liquid watercolors which the students loved using!  I love using them because the colors are so brilliant and a little goes a long way.   There is a book  I wanted to share with the kids called Water by Frank Asch The artwork looks like it's all been done with watercolors and this provided the inspiration for these pieces.
 I have a huge rug for the kids to sit on while we look at artwork or while I demonstrate a particular process. This is when I  demonstrated how to draw a seascape along with a boat and water. Afterwards, the kids went to their tables and started their own.