Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dressing The Part

The Banker
Designer: Clair, grade 3
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The Samurai

 Project Runway anyone?
 Challenge:   Choose the appropriate fabrics and construct an outfit for a particular person. We had bankers, fashion models, ninjas, surfers, you name it.  This lesson was both fun and challenging for the students.   Determining which fabrics work best for their character, visualizing what size to cut the pieces and making adjustments were all part of the creative process.  I still have some students working on camouflage outfits!

The Ninja, The Surfer, The Super Hero and The Fashion Model

The Technology Guy
Designer: Conner, grade 4

These are on 5x8 (or so) poster board.  I had small tubs of fabric at each table but they could "browse" the selections from other tables!


  1. Ha! These are awesome. I love the combo of fabric and paint. I've always found it's tricky for my young students to cut fabric with their regular school scissors (too dull I guess)- any tips for that?

    1. Thanks so much! The one technique that I found useful was to open the scissors wide and use the inside of the blade versus the tip. Also, using short strokes to cut seemed to work better. Another thing we found was that some fabrics just cut easier than others. There was a lot co-operation going on with among the students, I saw kids holding fabric for one another while the other one cut, kids helping someone else cut, etc.

  2. LOVE this idea! How fun and creative!! Did the students pick their own type of person to make or did you assign them their characters?

    1. Thanks so much! The students could choose their own person or profession. I always try to create lessons where the motivation is intrinsic. I find that giving them choices is the best way for them to get excited about their work. Just like how in your crowded elevator lesson you let them choose one character to add to the bunch. I think that helps to make it more special and their own.