Friday, November 11, 2011


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Can you tell these were all made by boys?!  I find that the 5 and 6 boys can be quite a challenge as far as coming up with lessons that keep their interests high.  I definitely recommend this lesson if you too have that challenge. A, for the freedom to create a character and B, for the sewing.   First they were to create a character that was of their own  design.  They usually want to do something from a video game or a movie.  After a certain amount of "artist's block" they ventured out and came  up with some great stuff.  I also love the sewing part.  There's nothing like a room full of boys learning how to sew, it's as if they are in a trance of some sort.

Yes!  I got the thumbs up on this one!
In hindsight, yes, they're 10 or l1 years old, but they're
even younger at heart.


  1. Have them draw their character on a folded piece of large paper.  Make sure the neck starts at the folded edge so it will not come apart later.
  2. Color in with oil pastels.
  3. Have them draw a dashed line to represent where they will cut.
  4. Cut out the character.
  5. Hole punch all along the character.
  6. Demonstrate how to thread a needle and how to do a running stitch.  We used about 4 feet of yarn for each puppet.
  7. Remember to leave about 4 inches of yarn in the back (tape it so it wont move) so you can tie this to the other  end later.
  8. Have them sew.
  9. Tie the two loose ends together on the back.
  10. Now you can cut where the fold is to separate the front and back panels.

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