Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper Weaving, Light and Shadows

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This book has been a great inspiration for working with paper.  I've actually done quite a few of the projects in it including  pop-ups with index cards (see below).

The weaving project was done by 5th and 6th grade girls.  It really requires a lot of patience and an eye for seeing the unseen.  It's actually quite simple.  You start off with a basic over/under weaving but what adds that element of artistry is envisioning what the paper could become if you pull and crease a certain way.  The shadows created by the lifted paper add yet another dimension.  I did purposely choose a white on white palette so the girls could focus on the space and not the color.  I also should add that I did not suggest for them to create any particular image, it was just about exploring shadows and light.  The discovery of the shapes or words was through their own artistic process...very cool.


Pop Ups With Index Cards
I would recommend to do the pop-ups with 5th and up.  I tried it with 4th grade but there was a lot of frustration.  I did it with 5th and 6th and they were challenged but they were very happy with their success at the end.  They even started designing their own pop-ups and asked if they could have extra cards to take home.  Both of these projects came from the book above.  

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  1. You are doing some pretty cool stuff- my High School students would love these assignments...hmm.

    Re:the droste effect, do you have photoshop?