Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Printing Complimentary Colors and Negative Space

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Printing with a cardboard tool is always one of my favorite lessons.  The simplicity is what makes it so open to diversity.  I cut pieces of chip board into about 2x3 or so.  Place one color of paint onto a plate and let the designing begin.  After about 10 minutes I added the complimentary color (I gave them a new piece of chipboard ).   We talked about seeing the energy between the two colors .   About the last 10 minutes of class I passed out small paint brushes and added magenta paint to their plates.  We talked about filling in the shapes or the negative space.  I love the results and my  students did not want to stop...always a good thing!


  1. great stuff! i'm going to do this next week with my kinders & 3rds. thanks for the idea! i'll link back to you in my post.

  2. thanks, let me know how it turns out. another version of this that works really well is to just hand out the 2x3 chipboard pieces and then about half way through the project put cut toilet paper roll pieces to create curved line printing. For the kinders and first graders you can just do that without any brushes and they absolutely love it. also, the bigger the paper the better.

  3. Here's a link to the project. Thanks for the inspiration!