Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amate Bark Paintings

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Here, the students learned about the amate bark paintings of Mexico.   In amate bark painting the scenes depicted are usually of common everyday activities of the local people.  We talked about what life might be like in a small town or village and tried to put ourselves in that time or place.  


  1. We looked at and discussed many examples 
  2. sketch out ideas
  3. crumble craft paper and open various times to get a weathered look
  4. pencil sketch onto the paper and trace over with sharpie
  5. we used oil pastels to color in

*tip- leaving some of the color of the craft paper showing has a wonderful feel
* Patterned borders help to unify the overall look
* I randomly cut various sizes of craft paper so the student could choose the size that best fit their idea.

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