Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Than Your Basic Link...really!

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This was a fun project for 2nd grade. We looked at some of Picasso's abstract portraits to get us started and talked a bit about abstract art.  Next I demonstrated the process for creating a linked image.    We started off with a narrow strip of paper and folded it accordion style.  Next, with a pencil they designed an unusual shape (making sure at least one part of the drawing was connected to the sides of the paper) and cut it out while the paper was still folded.  Once this was done, they opened their papers and tried to visualize a character.  Even though each piece is exactly the same, they were challenged by creating a different character for each one.  One of the best parts of this lesson is to actually see this white sheet of paper come to life.  It almost has 2 stages: the unfolding is a marvelous thing and the second  is seeing each "character" develop a personality.

Remind them to keep the design simple so they will not have a problem cutting.
Use a light weight paper (11x14  copy paper would be perfect, just cut it in half lengthwise). 


  1. Brilliant! I will do that with my class!! Thanks for sharing and cheers from Germany

    1. Thanks Bettina, I'd love to see how they turn out! Cheers from Houston