Friday, December 16, 2011

Egyptian Canopic Jars

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We've finally finished the canopic jars.  I want to thank the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston for the inspiration for this lesson.  The teacher CD  they gave during the educator's night was amazing and provided such wonderful images.
Plastic cups, paper towels, tag or cardboard and tape make up the armature for each jar.  Small pebbles are placed in the bottom cup along with wadded up towels to help  balance the jar and to keep it standing. We then covered them with plaster gauze to make the surface strong and ready for paint.   The rest is up to the imagination of the student.  I did provide handouts of Egyptian symbols and patterns for the students to use as a resource.  These were done by my middle school elective class which was actually perfect because they come to art 4 days in a row.  They took us about 2 weeks to complete.  You can see the steps below.


  1. These are super cool- must try it at some point- plaster guaze is my students' favourite medium!

    1. Thanks,it was actually a really calming project...they were always so into the details and construction of the armature. By the way, I'm a big fan and follower of your blog. Thanks so much for visiting mine, I'm glad you ran into it!