Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Identity Through Name Design

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Identity- How Do The Colors Represent Me?

The colors I chose for my Name Design artwork are purple and green.  Green shows that I am natural.  I know this because I don't drink or smoke or do drugs. Plus, my Grandmother had a chart explaining what each color meant.  Purple shows that I am extreme.  I believe this is true because one day I jumped from a roof into a trampoline and I was wearing purple which was ironic.

This is a lesson that's been around awhile but I have tweaked it by adding what I call The Identity Card which I feel adds so much more meaning to the work.  That's what you read above.  I love to see them think about "why" they chose a certain color.  It helps them understand themselves better as artists, gives meaning to their work, and helps them see it in a completely new light.  

  • Discuss positive and negative space in artwork. 
  • Section your paper into about 14 sections or so and in each section write a letter of your name or a number of the year you were born.  I have them do this lightly so the lines will not show.
  • Color in the negative space in chosen color.
  • Color in the positive space in another color.  
  • (I actually let them vary the colors of positive or negative space so long as I know they understand the concept.)  I also tell them they can choose 1-3 colors.


  1. I will try this lesson early in the new year I think, when the children are in new classes. Getting the children to think about the colours they choose works well. It surprises me how decisive they are. Did you use markers or coloured pencil? What year group did you work with? Thanks.

    1. Hi Gretchen, thanks for your comment. I tried to send you an email but I didn't have that option. With that said, I hope you get this. I did this lesson with 5th and 6th grade boys and girls. I think it could easily work with various grade levels as most of my lessons do. That's usually why I don't put much emphasis on the grade. They had the option to chose markers, colored pencils or crayons. Reason being, each media would have a different look and feel to correspond to their emotion/feeling or idea.

  2. Thanks Gabriella, I took this lesson today. I gave oil pastels to the children and they chose the number of sections they wanted to use. I asked them to limit their palettes to 3 or less. Their colour combinations were great. Many thanks. I'l check out email options.