Friday, February 20, 2015

Printmaking with a Cause

Central Idea:  Art can be a way to inspire change

Through art, the students brought awarness to a particular issue they felt strongly about. 

"This shows the forest.  People are taking down the forest and the animals' habitat.  They might die if they don't find a home.  Blue is for sad because the animals get sad when they
cut down their home."

3rd grade student

"My print is about El Salvador.  In El Salvador there are babies being killed or taken from their mothers. I want people to stop the killing."
Emily, 3rd grade

"My print is about pandas.  Their homes are being destroyed by knocking down the trees they live in.  It's their home and they need it."

Grace, 3rd grade 

My artwork is about guns.  I don't think people should sell guns.  If we didn't
sell guns we wouldn't have so much killing, in any place, there should be no guns. The color red
works because it means mad, angry and killed."
Kavin, 3rd grade

I wanted to show there are people there that are starving and barely have any clothes. 
Joanne, 3rd grade

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