Friday, February 13, 2015

Plaster Gauze Characters and I Am Poems

plaster gauze sculpture by Carla and Danielle
Rainbow Rufus
...I understand that I have a different appearance from everyone else.
I say that it's better if I pretend I'm not.
I dream of having a normal appearance.
I try to fit in with the other wolves.
I hope eveyone accepts me for who I am.
I am colorful and fierce.
by Carla, 6th grade



...I understand that I'll never be human, the curse is unbreakable.
I say that we are all the same.
I dream I dont fall into oblivion. 
I try to show myself, make myself real.
I hope one day I'm seen.
I am Abelesfaye.

by Yvonda and Melissa, 8

"The best part of this experience was learning that things can change as you're working on it"


I am a round introvert.
I wonder if my thoughts will ever be shown.
I hear the birds whisper by the opening of the sky.
I see the stars surrounding the moon.
I want to know the mysteries of the world.
 am a round introvert.

by Jarlen and Raisa, 7th grade

top left:
"Gaea had joy in her life but she died before she had the chance to show everyone how thankful she was for having them.  Light and life pulled her back. "

Queen Regina, an evil queen looking for revenge
by Tabitha and Ariel

Ava by Meena and Meera

She is an alien and she feels left out.

"The best part of this experience was coming up with the story because  a lot of people can feel afraid to accept themselves."

Meena, 7th grade


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