Friday, February 7, 2014

Animal Characters

Kinder and First are learning about curved and straight edged shapes, overlapping, pattern and contrast.  In a  previous post you can see the first lesson which was a collage of shapes.   I wanted to make sure they  understood the concepts so I decided to have them do another project where they had to think about the shapes they needed to cut for a particular animal.  First they drew and cut each body part separately and then glued the parts together while overlapping some of the shapes. Painting was the last step as they thought about contrast and pattern. 




All of the above artwork is by Kindergarten.

In the video below, you see First Grade working on creating their animal characters.  I'm doing a different version with them.  We are gluing the animals to the front cover of a manila folder and on the inside they are creating a setting for their character and adding words to make it more of a book.  

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