Friday, January 17, 2014


Art is a way to explore texture and shape in nature.  We started off by analyzing White Cow by Everett Spruce.


What is the largest shape you see?  What other shapes can you find?     How does the cow look like it would feel?  How did the artist do that?  What are the details?  How has the artist made the cow the emphasis of the painting?

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We moved on to create monoprints and etchings of an animal. Keeping in mind to make it the emphasis and to add visual texture to help the viewer get a feel of the fur, feathers, skin, etc.

The monoprints were created on the table with a dime size dollop of washable paint.  We used q-tips to draw the image (subtractive method) and placed a sheet of newsprint on top, burnished with our hand and pulled the print.  

The etchings were created on styrofoam.   We used a pencil to draw the image and inked our plates with block printing ink and brayers.  We then placed a sheet of newsprint on top, burnished and pulled our prints.

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