Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Information + Imagination =

My body is squarish roundish, like a swimming pool.
My head is long and slightly pointed, like a slide at recess.
My tail can change like the day changes to night.
My feet are like tree trunks in the winter, or is it tree branches?
I have patterns on some areas that sparkle like diamonds in the light.
My color can change you see.  How do you ask? I’ll tell you.  If you are happy, my colors will be happy colors.   

If you are sad, my colors change to sad colors.  How do you feel now?

by Me!

This lesson was inspired by The American Museum of Folk Art-

Students explored individual artists' interpretations of animals and created a drawing in response to the description above. What we realized during conversation about the art was that different artists imagine, interpret an depict animals differently. This was especially true for folk artists because of their limited resources. To help us understand and appreciate the folk artists better, I read the description above (of an unfamiliar animal) as they responded with a drawing.

Skyler, Kindergarten

artwork by Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

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