Friday, November 1, 2013

Expressive Clay Faces and Much More!

Transdisciplinary  Theme: How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: Art Is A Way of Exploring The Self

This year we've been working on various lessons that have engaged us in reflective and challenging ways.  We started off by analyzing self-portraits throughout time, trying to understand the message of the lines,colors and shapes.   To go deeper into the process we analyzed abstract sculpture and talked about ways in which a connection can be made between an attitude and a sculpture.  I wanted them to start thinking about how they could create an abstract collage that was a reflection of the self.  The discoveries and reflections were many.   For the next component, I wanted them to work with a completely different medium, clay. They were challenged to shape the clay into an expression of their choice.  After the clay was bisque fired it was now white.  How could color help pull out the expression even further?  They chose a warm or cool color palette for this.  Right now, we are in the process of bringing this now character to life by writing a summary describing the personality.  From there, they will create a mixed media narrative painting.  For this component, we analyzed  Homage To Mary Lou by Romare Bearden. 

Images Discussed

Homage to Mary Lou (The Piano Lesson) by Romare Bearden

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