Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free Form Collage

free form- encouraged to function or evolve without advance planning; spontaneous

Henri Matisse is a wonderful artist to study with kids, we can always relate to his joyful shapes and colors.  We talked about free form shapes, how they are kind of like recess.  When you are outside running free you're running in all directions, here and there, back and forth- not really knowing where you will go next.   They could really relate to that visual!  I demonstrated cutting out a free form shape by turning the paper not the hand that's holding the scissors, just making up the turns as I go along.  Giving the kids plenty of time to really get into the cutting and enjoy the process is a must do.   They begin to explore the possibilities as well as noticing  how the colors are working together once they begin to overlap.

Concepts discussed:
free-form shapes

Sebastion, Kindergarten

All artwork by Kindergarten students
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