Friday, April 19, 2013


These fabulous animal drawings and paintings are by K-1 kids.  Using 3 dimensional models we practiced 2 strategies for drawing animals.   The first one is the shape technique which focuses on observing the main shapes of the animal, for example the body looks like an oval, the head triangular etc.  The 2nd strategy we practiced was the outline technique.  Here, we find a starting point (the head) and use our pencil to follow the line of what we see onto paper. Giving them options on how to draw an animal helps increased their confidence as an artist as they find a way that works for them.  You can see both of these techniques in the bottom image.

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We used one class period as a practice day, they chose various animals to try the 2 techniques with.   The second class period I returned their drawings, they chose their favorite and re-drew it larger on a new paper along with a habitat.  Super cool!

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