Monday, February 25, 2013

Themes in Artwork- Abstract and Non-Objective Sculpture

Just like stories or movies, artwork also has subjects and themes.  The challenge was for each group to decide on one theme and have each member create a small abstract or non-objective sculpture depicting that theme.

Theme: Vision
I made the shape sort of grotesque because it represents our insecurities.  How we feel inside, insecure about the  future.

Theme: Direction

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left and bottom right- theme, Direction

Melanie, top right
Theme: Vision
...I chose pink because it represents how people are naive...we are unable to see things that we should see but can't.  The gold shape symbolizes how we all have potential to feel despite this.  I  have shapes disrupting the view of the eye.  Being open to the possibilities of new opportunities is what this piece is about to me.  

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