Friday, February 22, 2013

Altered Pages- Seeing Is Creating

Kerry looked angry.

clockwise from top left:

Rose let you eat all that food.

Did a dead man save your soul?  The instrument of your death cried Neldman-

It came into view-

He approached the ocean with a grin.  He could see the island excitedly-

As soon as I find a sandwich.  I want supper-
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For most students, creating an altered page is a new experience.  You take a page from a book you may no longer want or need and transform it into an artwork. Searching for the right words to make a new sentence creates this wonderful tension in the mind from what you know and what could be. It's a bit hard to explain but once you do it you'll understand.


  • tape 2 pieces of text together
  • searched for your perfect words to make a sentence (this part takes about 20-30 minutes)
  • circle them (leave plenty of room around so the words are easy to read)
  • we used oil pastels or watercolors to paint in the surrounding areas.  Students could also chose to use a stencil, draw an image or just block out the area as they pleased.  
  • (these are from 5th grade students)

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