Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful Owls!

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These wonderful clay owls were done by 2nd  graders.  I especially love how they just dove into adding texture with the tools.  Thank you to  That Artist Woman for the inspiration for this lesson!  I did tweak it a bit though.... I  like to put a bunch of tools on the table and let the kids figure out how they can be used to create the texture versus telling what to do with each one. I find it makes them  explore the materials and make new discoveries.
Here are the steps:
(First I demonstrated the process to the whole class)
  1. I gave them a small piece of clay and they rolled it into a ball. 
  2. Then they squished it down with their palms (just enough to flatten it a bit). 
  3. Then they took the rolling pin to make the oval like shape. 
  4. They  folded over the edges to give the shape of the wings. 
  5. For the head you just fold the top down. 
  6. For the ears they  pulled out the clay. 
  7. For the eyes they used  marker tops.
  8. Texture was added with various tools.  
  9. Some of them decided to add a beak with a small bit of clay.


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