Friday, May 13, 2011


This was a really cool lesson for the 1st grade kids...they absolutely loved the results!  We looked at various images of reliefs throughout history and modern times.  We discussed various cutting techniques, borders, and how layering would create a stronger design.   ...and here are the results!

The how to:
1. Show examples to generate excitement.
2. Cut poster board into desired shapes.
3. Glue onto chip board.
4. Place foil on top and tape to back.
5. Use a wadded up napkin to apply gentle pressure on foil (circular motion works well) until the cut out poster board shapes become apparent.  
6.  Add a tiny bit of black paint and brush around (we used black  ink).
7.  Wipe off a bit for a distressed look.
7. Success!

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  1. These are wonderful! Great blog. I look forward to future posts.