Friday, December 11, 2015

Give Them Two

PK student

This week I realized that if you give a student (especially 3rd and below) 2 sheets of paper instead of one big one a couple of things happen.  First, they don't end up covering up their original work/idea. You see, kids just follow their urge to keep painting, it's natural.  But if you have the 2nd paper there ready for them they seem to follow their instinct of knowing when to stop and they start their next painting...awesome!  The other thing that happens is that you see the story of the first painting grow, almost like the next chapter. Here are a few examples of "giving them two".

Kindergarten student

Kindergarten student

In this lesson, the idea was to experiment with watercolor.  I also had dry media available at the table in case they wanted to incorporate the two. 

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