Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Information=+ Imagination Part 2

Create a sculpture of the animal you imagined and drew last week.  Much problem solving took place as the students formed their animal and its parts.  How could the legs support the body?  How do I make it round versus flat?  It was challenging especially considering how Model Magic is so supple, but the obstacles only made the results more gratifying!  

The prompt for last weeks Imagination + Information was:

My body is squarish roundish, like a swimming pool.
My head is long and slightly pointed, like a slide at recess.
My tail can change like the day changes to night.
My feet are like tree trunks in the winter, or is it tree branches?
I have patterns on some areas that sparkle like diamonds in the light.
My color can change you see.  How do you ask? I’ll tell you.  If you are happy, my colors will be happy colors.   

If you are sad, my colors change to sad colors.  How do you feel now?

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