Friday, September 20, 2013

A Twig Can Be...

...a stick bug!

 1st grade
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Bessie Harvey Faces of Africa II

 Working together, sharing ideas and being truly excited about creating, this was it.  If you follow my blog, you're aware that my central idea for K-1 is Art is a Way To Explore Our Ideas and Feelings About Nature.
With that said, I gave each group a twig after discussing Bessie Harvey's work. After some discussion, they came up with an idea of what it could be, what it could be transformed into.
We are not finished yet, but I wanted to share this one... with such joyful and delicate qualities.

Questions to consider:
What do we see?  Why do you think the artist chose to use a tree branch for her art?  How did the artist turn it into a sculpture?  What kind of feelings do you get from this artwork, happy, magical, scary?

Thanks to the American Folk Art Museum for the inspiration for this lesson.

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