Friday, March 9, 2012

Storytelling with Bill Traylor

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 I'm  fascinated by the storytelling that Bill Traylor conveys through his art.  He's one of those artists that pulls me in and I have to stay.  How could I express this feeling to a 2nd grade class?  Ironically, through storytelling itself.  I told them how Bill started painting when he was 85 years old.  How he would sit on a box and paint the scenes that would travel by him.  And how his favorite mediums were black paint, crayons, and discarded cardboard.  They were hooked.

These were made by 2nd graders using white paper and black marker.

I asked the kids to imagine themselves sitting on a old rocking chair just watching the day go by.  What might they see?  What animals would pass by?    Most importantly, what story could they tell?  I was amazed at how quickly and how eagerly they grasped the idea.

Bill Traylor at work

Bill Traylor source here

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  1. Love Bill Traylor's work, too and his interesting story. It's remarkable that your young artists so readily "get it". I really like how you set the stage for this lesson and the result.
    Nice nice nice.