Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Give You My Heart

Don't you love how K and 1 students just throw themselves into their art?
   It was all smiles and anticipation as soon as the kids saw the enormous Jim Dine heart on my screen.
 Today they were going to paint a heart for someone special.

 Jim Dine Hearts Paintings

link to Jim Dine source


  1. For Kinder, I lightly drew a heart to get them started.
  2. We looked at Jim Dine's Month of June Hearts and noticed how each heart was just flooded with colors.
  3. I demonstrated how to paint  in a sort of "scribble scrabble" method  to fill in the heart and then the background.  
  4. Wait for them to dry about 5 minutes  (the kids just kind of waved their pictures around).
  5. Use the chalk over the paint and blend with your fingers.  

Limit the colors to about  3, otherwise they may get muddy.
These are 9x12 on watercolor paper.
A wonderful thing about this lesson is exploring the potential of materials.  With that said,
use paper that can take a beating because they will keep going and going and...