Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Found Faces...Found Inspiration

A Found Lesson Within A Lesson
Yesterday I went to a workshop at the Museum of Fine Arts called Learning Through Art.  The focus is to teach Language Arts, Math, Science, etc through looking at artworks found at the museum and on the museum's site.  At one point, we were working on an  Impressionist piece  and a symmetrical mask.   Tape was one of the materials used.  Towards the end of the project we were to pull the tape off (and then discard it).  As we pulled and gathered the tape to throw it away I saw a face looking back at me.  The jumbled pieces of tape arranged themselves just so as to become a face.  Has that ever happened to you? Of course after that I walked around  asking for everyone's  tape wads.  Luckily, there was one left (She looks like a very pensive frog to me) .  Had I found more tape I'm sure bodies would of been found also.  Incorporating math and art could be done by asking questions such as what percentage of your piece is in warm colors?  What percentage is in cool?    What forms have we used here?  Language Arts...who did you discover?  Write a poem about your character, etc. Imagine a class set of these exhibited in a shadow box presentation...pretty magnificent I think!   By the way, these are a little bit smaller than  a golf ball. 

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