Friday, February 25, 2011

Bird Puppets

Untitled from Gabriela Elizalde on Vimeo.

 In 2nd Grade we are exploring color and imagination.  Students drew characters and settings a couple of weeks ago (scroll down to see post) and now the students have created  a make believe bird puppet. We used oil pastels on butcher paper and then sewed the front and back panels together.   We took a vote and they all want to extend the lesson and work in groups to put together a play for their puppets.  In This Week in Art (video above)  you can see various students starting the process of creating a play.  It was great to see students helping students; you see last year I taught the Kindergarten and First Grade how to sew. Now we enjoy the fruits of our labour!  This is a big basket of fruits...consider co-operative learning, peer tutoring, social development, and the generous game of art making.

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